Application for registration of sports category or rank

It is necessary to issue a separate statement for the record. All documents confirming your title or rank, will be sent to you at the mailing address provided by you in the form. On the issuance, print and send documents the set period is 2-3 months. For any questions you can contact the general secretary WRPF Russian Alexander Tumanov:

Application for registration of sports category or rank

First and last name (fully)*:

Mailing address*:

Sex*: MaleFemale

Phone number*:




Doping Control*:
With doping controlWithout doping control

Performed rank*:


Weight Class*:

Date and place of execution of the standards*:

Name of competition*:


Photo (attach file)*:

Dear athletes! Please keep in mind that a certificate is a passport of the athlete. Please, choose the photography seriously. Before you upload a photo read the following information:

File format - JPEG
File Name - Your name in Latin letters. For example, ivanov.jpg

  • Image resolution - no less 450 DPI; (Good quality)
  • Photo size 35x45 mm
  • The image must be clear, strictly in full face without headgear
  • The background must be white, smooth, without stripes, spots and images of foreign objects and shadows
  • The face should be evenly lit
  • Hats are allowed only on religious grounds / reasons, but it is necessary to ensure that they (hats) do not cover any facial features and do not provide shade
  • Do not use the yellow, red, etc. lighting. Lighting should not distort the natural color of the skin. Do not allowed effect "red-eye"
  • If a person usually wears glasses, then he should be wearing glasses and when being photographed. Points should be a clear and transparent glass, so that the apple of the eye and iris are clearly visible. Spectacle frame should not close our eyes. Points should not be a source of glare
  • Shoulders should be "deployed" on camera
  • Number of people in the photo should be no more than one, as well as in the photo should be no other items
  • The turn head should not exceed +/- 5 degrees from the front position in any direction.