Meets Results

Meets Results for 2017:

  1. Indian National Championship in powerlifting, bench press and deadlift, by version WRPF, India/ Bangalore, 20-21.05.2017

  2. “Saul Power III – The Power is mine” Championship in powerlifting and single lifts by versions WRPF/IPO, Colombia/Barranquilla, 01-02.06.2017

  3. Ireland Open Championship in bench press and deadlift by version WRPF Ireland/Dublin 09.09.2017

  4. WRPF/WEPF/WAF World Championship in powerlifting, push pull, bench press, “folk” bench press, deadlift and armlifting, Russia, Moscow, 25-27.10.2017

  5. WRPF PRO World Championship in powerlifting, bench press and deadlift, Russia, Moscow, 28-29.10.2017

  6. Open European Cup in raw bench press by version WRPF, Poland / Złotoryja, 04.11.2017

Meets Results for 2016:

  1. Scoresheet of Asia Cup WRPF, Kazakhstan, 28-29.04.2016

  2. Scoresheet of Belarus Championship WRPF, Borisov, 13-15.05.2016

  3. Scoresheet of Tournament Sexton WRPF, Moscow, 04.06.2016

  4. Scoresheet of Championship UFD (Ural federal district) WRPF, Tyumen, 10-11.06.2016

  5. Scoresheet of Tournament Monsters Meet WRPF, Moscow, 26.06.2016

  6. Scoresheet of Russian Championship WRPF, Tyumen, 26-28.08.2016

  7. Scoresheet of Tournament “Far Eastern boundary” WRPF, Khabarovsk, 15-16.10.2016

  8. Scoresheet of Russian Tournament “Invincible Empire”, Togliatti / Russia, 29-30 October 2016

  9. Scoresheet of World Championship, Moscow, 15-20.11.2016

  10. Scoresheet of Championship city Ishim WRPF, Ishim / Tyumen region, 11/27/2016

Meets Results for 2015:

  1. Scoresheet of Russian Championship WRPF, Moscow, 03-05.05.2015

  2. Scoresheet of World Championship WRPF, Moscow, 03-06.12.2015