PAINKILLER is an ambitious American premium clothing brand. Unique prints are the result of joint work of conceptual designers from the USA, Mexico, Italy, Holland, Germany and Japan. Every PAINKILLER thing is not just cool clothes, it is a unique piece of clothing! Each owner of PAINKILLER – is part of our story! Website:

«Steel Power Nutrition» – a sports nutrition company in Russia, which has been one of the leaders in this segment throughout the country for more than 5 years. Website: “The world moves on, and we must move with it…”

The main activities of the clinic are surgery and rehabilitation. The center is equipped with everything necessary for diagnosis, analysis and treatment (including surgical). If it necessary, the patient can be hospitalized during the rehabilitation period (a packed ward). Currently, we are also developing a cosmetology area, in particular – plasmolifting and contouring. Website:

New for the Russian market, aggressive brand of sportswear – DESPERADO. DESPERADO is created in Mexico City in 2011 by several people from the working class in memory of the ancestors who participated in the Mexican liberation revolution of 1910-1917. Destroying many remnants inherited from the previous era, the brand immediately declared itself to be an original form, a daring and provocative style of execution, which attracted the attention of an audience rejecting generally accepted stereotypes in the fashion world. Website:

SIIMB Sports Equipment and Attributes Center began its journey in 2014. From the beginning, our team has been faithful to the basic principles of our Center – only products of the best quality, with the best technical characteristics at affordable prices for our customers. In this difficult task, we are helped by our own production of most goods, as well as partnerships with all, without exception, suppliers. Website:

The “Power35” company offers training and competitive sports equipment for powerlifting made according to all the necessary technical standards: bench, squats, calibrated discs, rack for discs, crane for deadlift and platforms. You can also purchase the legendary Texas deadlifts bar

Real Steel is a community of like-minded people. Here you will plunge into an atmosphere full of strength, determination and self-improvement. Every day, our team will be form you to a perfect athlete by our tips, video reports and photo reports step by step! Bodybuilders, powerlifters, a fitness lady and representatives of other sports will find here all the information that no other public will give you!

POWERLIFTING IS IN MY BLOOD! The world of powerlifting, its development and propaganda. Information about various tournaments and federations. Attracting youth to systematic sports. Theoretical and practical information on the training process in power sports.

Bear Grip” – supplier and manufacturer of sports equipment. Founded in 2014. The main direction: goods for the development of grip and hand strength. Since 2016, it is an official supplier of equipment for the federation of the “Russian Armlifting Union”. Website: