About Federation

World Federation / Association / Organization of powerlifting without equipment (accepted reductions WRPF / WRPA / WRPO), hereinafter the “Federation” or «WRPF» is an independent sports organization established to develop raw powerlifting, identify and support the strongest sportsmen, who show record results in individual disciplines and a total of three movements of powerlifting.
WRPF considers a goal to increase popularity of the powerlifting in the world.

WRPF holds competitions in the following disciplines: powerlifting, powerlifting push-pull, bench press and deadlift.

Competitions are held in divisions “Amateur” and “PRO”, taking into account the distinction by the weight, age and sex categories.

WRPF is interested in the development of powerlifting and is customized to a positive and harmonious relations with all organizations and federations who are working in the field of promotion of powerlifting.

WRPF recognizes the results and records of tournaments of other organizations and federations which are not contrary to the rules WRPF.

WRPF has the right to organize a joint tournament representatives federations and organizations of powerlifting with experience in tournaments at a sufficient level of quality.


Multiple champion and record holder of Russia, World, Europe in the bench press without equipment in heavyweight division. Champion and record holder of Russia, World, Europe among juniors in powerlifting.
Winner of the "Medals Giant" of Battle of the Champions.
Winner of the all-time record in the bench press without equipment - 335kg.